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Hello and welcome to Oddity Inc, my blog about everything strange, exciting, and new! Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all of the interesting stories and new ideas that are floating around. It seems that people are becoming more and more creative every single day. I created this blog to focus on new ideas and products that capture that strange spirit. The spirit that invokes mystery and wonder in everyone involved.

The advent of the internet has fostered a creative explosion where anyone and everyone has their own space to share ideas and artistic creations. I’ve always thought that this is the way that it should be. Everyone has their own creative side, even if they don’t pursue it. It’s a great exercise for personal growth to be able to freely speak your mind and share you creations. The size of your audience really doesn’t matter. It’s therapeutic just to share your thoughts and feelings, no matter how many people are reading them.

There are several different topics in the realm of things that can be considered “odd”. I’m fascinated by technology and all of the niches that its explosion over the passed several decades has created. There are many strange little segments of products that are very interesting and have never existed before. You’ll find that I’m going to spend a lot of time talking about Kickstarter here on OddityInc.com. The level of innovation there is truly stunning and it never ceases to amaze me. There is literally a continuous flow of new ideas and products that are on the site. There’s almost something new to see there every single day! For example, here are a few of the recent ones that I can’t get enough of:

How many times have you had to replace your phone’s charging cable because it’s just a low quality piece of junk? I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of times that I’ve replaced my phone’s chargers. It seems that after I’ve only had them for a couple of months the cable starts to deteriorate. It’s usually right where the cable meets the end that actually plugs into the phone. I’m a heavy mobile phone user, so my battery tends to run out pretty quickly. This means that I spend a lot of time using my device while it’s plugged in. This is really hard on the charging cable because it causes the cable to bend in a way that puts additional stress on its feeble construction. Most cheap cables on the market just aren’t designed to be bent around in any practical way. Enter the HALO BACK charging cable. I know that you may be thinking that it’s a bit lame for me to make the first piece of tech that I point out be charging cable, but you’re dead wrong. Charing cables are a piece of tech that’s often overlooked and definitely under appreciated. It’s something that you rely on day in and day out. We use it almost as often as our phones themselves! This is why you’ll love this cable. The HALO BACK cable is actually made out of kevlar. Yes, you read it right, the same material that they use to make freaking bulletproof vests is now put to use making sure that you never have to replace your charging cable ever again. How cool is that? The cable boasts some seriously tough construction and a lifetime warranty to back it up.

Credit: Kickstarter HALO BACK

A very common problem that people deal with multiple times per week is losing things. There are so many different things to keep track of nowadays, it can be hard to keep everything straight. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some type of device that can easily track your belongings, no matter where in the world they end up? Of course it would be. I happened to stumble on something very interesting on Kickstarter that promises to end the blight of constantly losing your things. The device that I found is called Magpie, Magpie is a small GPS tracker that can be attached to your keys, wallet, purse, backpack, bike, car, boat, laptop bag, or even your pets. They’re also pointing out how it’s a great idea for parents to attach to their kids in some way to keep track to them too. What’s interesting to me about Magpie is that they operate on a monthly subscription model to keep the cost of the devices down low. It looks like they charge about $5 per device per month for service. I would imaging that this would be especially useful for anyone who travels a lot for business purposes abroad. It can drive you crazy to be looking for something and have no idea where it is. This is especially true for any items that are vital to your work or personal enjoyment.

Magpie Tracker
Credit: Kickstarter Magpie GPS Tracker

These are only a couple of the interesting things that I found on Kickstarter recently. Stay tuned to the Oddity blog to find a lot more strange and interesting things. I’m just getting started here and would appreciate any feedback from readers that may have a suggestion on how I can better present information or future content. Stay weird!

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